Kevin Anderson

Director of Safety


Kevin Anderson is the Director of Safety for W.W. Rowland Trucking Company. He is responsible for the overall safety and compliance of the company. As a 30-year veteran of the transportation industry, with 15 years in safety roles and 15 years as an OTR truck driver, Kevin has a unique strength in leading drivers and operations personnel to believe in “safety first,” ensuring they can go home safely to their families each day. The W.W. Rowland team fully backs his safety programs, allowing him to thrive in his role.

Prior to joining W.W. Rowland, Kevin held Safety Director positions at Knight Transportation, Perkins Specialized Transportation, New Energy Transport, and Fast Trac Transportation. He was a United States Army Military Policeman and a two-time Smith System instructor for defensive driving.

Kevin is currently a member of Houston Council of Safety Professionals and Texas Trucking Association; and previously member of Indiana Motor Carrier Trucking Association.