W.W. Rowland

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


W.W. Rowland is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of W.W. Rowland Trucking Company. He has worked in all phases of the business and is currently involved in strategy and growth of the company. He provides executive support to the leadership team, to help develop the employees into a customer service focused organization. Rowland strives to provide the best and most cost-efficient services for customers, to meet and exceed their needs.

W.W. Rowland began his career as a truck driver in the 1970s, when he provided local cartage throughout the Houston, Texas area. He began noticing common trends in the latest freight logistics market and the need for quality service. This led him to start his own transportation company using the experience he had gained over the years, coupled with knowledge of Houston port operations quality standards. Leading a business focused on quality and customer service, Rowland expanded his knowledge of the intermodal industry by growing and taking on new projects. He later added container depot services to his service offering, creating WWinners Container Services, known as the pioneer in the container storage and repair industry.

Building a team of passionate and motivated individuals has been a long focus for W.W. Rowland. His philosophy has always been: “a company is made up of people; when you have the best people, you have the best company.” This philosophy has proven to be the key to the overall success of the company.